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May 14, 2019

Pullman Estate Sale


Why do I offer items for “sealed bid” rather than at a fixed price?  Simple, I REALLY want to sell them!

There is an old saying: “Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.”  This is very true, however that knowledge resides solely with the buyer, not the seller.

Here is an example: I had a very nice condition, high quality spinet piano for sale.  Research showed that it ought to be worth about $1,500.  Since I needed to sell it in a short period of time, I probably would have offered it at fixed price for around $500.  Instead, I offered it for “sealed bid”.  I had over a dozen offers, none of them as much as $500.  I sold it (which is what I wanted) for the best offer, and the buyer got it for their price (which is what they wanted) and was thrilled!  If I had offered it at a set price of $500, neither of us would have gotten what we wanted (and it would have cost me money for the labor to get it hauled off to charity).

BIDDING ENDS: Monday, May 20 at 5:00 pm

PICK UP TIMES: Items must be picked up: Wednesday, May 22 from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

If you cannot pick up your item(s) during these time frames, please make other arrangements with me BEFORE bidding.

Most items  are located in Pullman, WA.  They are being sold by Estate Services, serving the Palouse region since 1985. See what you have missed out on previously: Some previous items

Items are in good used condition unless otherwise noted.  This is a  “Sealed bid” sale.  Bid amounts are not disclosed to anyone at any time. There is never any minimum or reserve price on any sealed bid item!  Just bid what you are willing to pay. If you are the high bidder, you win!  Pretend like you found the item in a store.  At what price would you buy it and think it was a “good price?”  See the “Tips on bidding” below the images.

Don’t wait and forget; BID NOW!  There is no minimum or reserve price on bid items, any bid item can be purchased for a penny if no one else bids!

To place a bid, just email your bid(s) to rold@pullman.com . If you use web-based email like Yahoo, Hotmail, gmail, etc. instead of desktop-based email (like Outlook), this link won’t work and you will need to type or copy/paste rold@pullman.com into the address bar.  If you are on the email notification list, you can just reply to the email you received. If you are not already on the sale notification list, and would like to join, just send me a note!

Include a brief description (as well as the lot number) with your bid, so I can be sure of what you REALLY mean :). This way you don’t end up bidding on an unintended lot due to a typographic error in the lot number.

For example:
Lot #3:  green chair, $26.03
Lot #12:  Haviland china, $105.30
Lot #24:  The “All this stuff” lot with the three shovels
(these are examples, not actual items in this sale).

If you are bidding on multiple items, do it all in one email (like above).

Be sure to also include your phone number with your bid!

I send a confirmation for all bids received.  If you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours of placing a bid, it is likely lost in cyber space (another reason to bid early); please call me at 509-332-2989.

BIDDING ENDS: Monday, May 20 at 5:00 pm
You will be notified by email, whether or not you won, within a few hours of the end of the sale. If you do not receive notification of your bid status within three hours of the end of bidding, send me an email or call me at 509-332-2989.  If you are the high bidder on any item,  you will be provided with the specific location where the items are located.

If you are the high bidder on any item, please respond to the winning bidder notification email to confirm your intent and let me know when during the pick-up period you will arrive to pick up your item(s).  Failure to respond to your winning bidder notification may result in the disqualification of your bid.  Be sure to bring enough truck capacity and your own manpower for any large items.

PICK UP TIMES: Items must be picked up: Wednesday, May 22 from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

If you cannot pick up your item(s) during these time frames, please make other arrangements with me BEFORE bidding.

Cash or local checks accepted.  Please have correct change.

All mechanical/electrical items are sold as if they are in good working order (I do not have the time or knowledge to test everything that may be present in a home, shop, farm, business, etc.).  If they are not, notify me within 24 hours of the time you picked them up for a full refund.  Items in large lots are not included in this guarantee, as there is no way of determining their percentage of the lot value.

If there is some lot you wish to see in person before bidding, please email me rold@pullman.com to see if an appointment is available.  No items will be sold during this time.

Pictures below can be expanded to show more area and detail.

Tips on bidding:

1. Don’t wait! There is no advantage to waiting until later to bid. First bidder wins all ties, and if your bid gets lost in cyber space, we won’t have time to fix it.

2. Bid some odd amount. Like $10.17 instead of $10.00.  Many people often bid the same amount on the same  item!  In that case it goes to the first bidder.

3. Bid an amount where you will be happy if you win, and not kicking yourself if you don’t. You can’t lose if you follow this strategy.

4. It costs nothing to bid. Who knows what great deal you may get, and if you are not the high bidder, it doesn’t cost you anything!  I have often heard people say, ” I would have bid, but I thought it would go for more than I wanted to pay.”   Sometimes the most valuable items sell for the lowest price, because many people are afraid to bid. Why not bid anyway, you have nothing to lose!!!

5. Don’t bid on many items hoping to get one, unless you are prepared for the possibility that you might get them all!

6. Don’t bid on many items hoping to get them all, unless you are prepared for the possibility that you might only get one!

7. Don’t buy some large/heavy item and expect me to load it and/or haul for you.  Be sure you have enough hauling capacity and manpower for anything you buy.

8. I frequently get requests from people who want to “just make my bid $1.00 more than the other highest bid.”  If two people have me do this for the same item, what would the final price be….?

9. If you are the successful bidder on a particular lot, you are required to remove everything in that lot (unless otherwise specified).

10. I often hear people say: “I didn’t bid on the large lot because I didn’t need it all.”  Just bid based on what you DO want.  If you win, you can sell the remainder to help pay for your purchase, give it away, throw it away, etc….  Getting extra for your money is usually a GOOD thing.  

Many people have told me that they are uncomfortable about buying items they can’t examine in person.  While this is understandable, here are a few letters from some of those who have given it a try: Testimonials After all, this is the same way that eBay, Amazon, and any other online shopping  sites work!

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