Estate Sale Client


November 20, 2017

To whom it may concern;
We recently used Richard Old's "Estate Services" to clear out my parents home .We could not be happier with his professionalism and the excellent and speedy job he and his team  did. The job was completed ahead of time and was completed  as desired. We would not hesitate to use Estate Services again and must give them the highest recommendation.         
Charise and Shane Lloyd
Pullman, WA


October 15, 2017

Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for clearing out our father's apartment at Bishop Place when he could no longer live there. It was a big job--furniture and many odds and ends to take care of. You took care of everything in less than one day, completely to our satisfaction. A special commendation is due because you found some important things, notably keys and a computer external hard drive, that we did not know were there. Thank you for bringing them to our attention. We would recommend your services to anyone looking to clear out contents of a home that are no longer needed.

Thanks again,

Cindy Dodgen Schraer


September 29, 2017

When I sold my house this past summer I called Richard Old on July 5th to help with the move.  He asked when I needed it done and in a panic told him “last week”!  Richard came over the next day to look at my house, that I’d lived in for 20+ years, and garage full.  He told me to just take what I want and leave the rest…….even down to that “half of moldy grapefruit in the fridge” just leave it and he’ll take care of it.  By July 19th my house and garage were COMPLETELY empty and very tidy. Richard sold what he was able to and disposed of everything else.  What I also REALLY appreciated about his service was how socially and environmentally conscious he was.  What didn’t sell he donated to a local worthy cause and meticulously separated what was recyclable.  I’m very grateful for all Richard did and would highly recommend him to anybody!

Mary Connelly
Moscow, ID


August 2017

Dr. Richard Old
Estate Services

Dear Richard,

John and I appreciate your respectful, skillful and speedy response to our distress signal.  As we hurried to prepare our downsizing move from our spacious home to a two-bedroom Senior Living apartment, we were overwhelmed.  When our house sold immediately after being listed, our stress level became unacceptably high.

You saved our sanity, professionally addressed our needs and concerns and transformed a messy, cluttered house, leaving it bare, clean, neat and attractive four days before the specified contract deadline.  (All this as you sandwiched our tasks between your other already-scheduled commitments).

Oh, yes, you also returned personal items you discovered, but that we had overlooked (including a coin collection).  Your services were not only personally sensitive to our needs, they were highly professional, performed ahead of schedule and with panache.

We remember your services with awe and complete satisfaction.


John and Helen Perry
Colfax, WA


June 14, 2017

Mother’s house went on the market and sold within days.  I needed to move quickly to liquidate her furniture and belongings before the closing date so the buyers could take possession of an empty house.

Richard Old of Estate Services was able to help us meet that deadline on short notice.  I signed a contract with him at favorable terms.  He completed his work twelve days ahead of schedule.  As a bonus, he returned to me personal items—business papers, family photos, and keys—that he discovered.  He was careful to leave the house in its same good condition.  He even swept out the garage.  His services exceeded my expectations.

I recommend Estate Services for timely, reliable disposition of the furniture and personal effects of a loved one.  Richard will take care of you.

Steve Rieser
Moscow, Idaho


June 16, 2017

Dear Richard,

Our family cannot thank you enough for your help, not once, but TWICE in the last 10 years, as our parents downsized from the farm to a “house in town” and, recently, to an apartment.  Because of the wonderful experience they had with you back in 2007, Mom and Dad were very comfortable when my sister and I suggested that we should contact you again in 2017. 

When we talked with you this spring, we appreciated how clearly you spelled out what the process involved and how you would determine which of four outcomes we could expect.  You were realistic about potential values and explained why some items are more collectable and in demand than others.  You patiently went through every aspect of the contract with us and made all the terms very clear: what you would take and what you would leave; what would happen if you ran across very personal items that you doubted we meant to leave behind; and that we would temporarily be unable to enter the house while you cleared it out – all for very good reasons.

We truly intended to give you a lot more time to do your work, but because our parents’ house sold much more quickly than we expected, we needed fast action to clean everything out.  You bent over backwards to work within the confines of our tight schedule.  Since the location of the house wouldn’t allow for an on-site estate sale, you used “Plan B” to liquidate our exceptional numbers of “smalls.”  We were shocked at how fast you went through everything, grouped it in lots within the house, and got it listed on your website for on-line bids and buyer pick-up – and all without us having to lift a finger.

The next time we entered the house, about 10 days later, it was EMPTY, with the exception of the things noted in the contract AND two small boxes of photos and letters that you instinctively knew we would want.   You completed your work several days prior to what we had stipulated in the contract which allowed us much needed time to get the house cleaners in for a major scrubbing.

Richard, you are a PLEASURE to work with.  My sister and I will sing your praises to anyone in the same situation as we were just a couple months ago.  And we PROMISE to tell potential clients not to clean out ANYTHING out until they have talked to you.  We’ll stress that they shouldn’t take things to the dump, or charity, or the recycling center.  They need to focus on the things they want to keep, and leave all that other work for you!

With much appreciation,
Shannon Krom Kelly (Colfax) & Kristal Krom Kirpes (Colton)
on behalf of our parents, John & Kay Krom (Pullman)


May 21, 2017

Dear Richard:

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much we appreciated your services the past few months.  When my father passed in late February, I was deep into the middle of my busiest time of the year at work and having to deal with a house full of “stuff” (100 miles away) was going to be challenging at best.  However, you were very flexible with your schedule which allowed for us to quickly coordinate a game plan.  From there, you took charge and provided exceptional service throughout the process.

First, you were very helpful in selling 3 (!) cars that would have otherwise been very challenging to dispose of.  Once you sent out the emails to your mailing lists, each of the cars was sold very quickly with little to no hassles.  Furthermore you facilitated these sales as part of your regular services and did not take any sort of fee/commission for your efforts.  Very much appreciated.

Second, with this incredibly wet winter that we’ve had, the house experienced water issues that had never been seen in the 30+ years our family lived there.  However, you took the initiative to use a shop vac to suck up water in the house (on multiple days) to avoid any additional damage that might have otherwise occurred.  That was much appreciated!

Finally, as part of your standard paperwork you requested that I list out any items that, if found, should be returned to me.  Here again, you went above and beyond and in a few instances, reached out to me regarding items not on the list that you thought still might be important to me.  That again was much appreciated since we did not have a lot of time to go through the house in great detail.

From start to finish you were a real professional and your services were greatly appreciated.  I’d highly recommend you to anyone. 

Best regards,

Jason R. Munn


May 18, 2017

Over the past year my elderly mother has required increasing levels of care, from independent living, to assisted living, to now living in a full time care facility.  Moving her also involved sorting through and moving her personal and family belongings, and generally dealing with her life represented in an accumulation of things.  Each move was a down size for her because there wasn't room for everything in her new home and she had no use for many of the items she may have felt attached to in the past.  This left me, my wife and other family members to sort everything out.

During the first move we employed family and friends to sort, store, give away and throw away items from her home. This was a huge job that made the stress of moving her even greater. We wanted to do right for her by taking care of the family items we know she thought were important. In reality, a small percentage of the total were important to her, or family, or family friends.

After giving away or storing prized dishes, photos, a few items of furniture or other "heirlooms", there was just a mountain of stuff.  We made countless trips to thrift stores or churches to give away clothes, house hold items and furniture. Ultimately we made many trips to the dump.  It was exhausting.

Later in the year she required another move to a higher level of elder care.  During this move we employed Estate Services to help us with the process we knew was so draining.  We wish we would have used them from the beginning. Richard Old of Estate Services had simple advice, "take everything you want and leave the rest".  We only moved or stored the items that my Mom or other family members wanted.  After we took care of those belongings we did nothing else. No thrift store runs or trips to the church to help supply the next rummage sale. No trips to the dump.  We didn't even have to clean. Estate Services took care of it all.  Richard paid us a fair price for what was left and even saved out some priceless family photo albums that we had overlooked.

I used Estate services a second time when I recently closed out my Mom's storage unit.  Again, I took the items that were important to her or a family member and left everything else.  Estate Services took care of everything, right down to closing out the storage unit. Richard also paid a fair price for the items I left in the unit knowing that he would clean and close out the unit.

I wouldn't hesitate to use Estate Services again.  They were great!

Mark Jonas

Girdwood, Alaska


April 15, 2017

Dear Richard,
I felt great relief driving away from our home on April 10, knowing that we had taken what we wanted and left the rest for you to dispose of in a way that was sensitive to us, our community and the environment. We particularly appreciate the speed with which you accomplished your work as our realtor was anxious to get our home on the market. I asked her about the condition of the house when you were finished and she said it was "looking fine" and that she "would whole-heartedly give him a good recommendation."
With sincere thanks,
Susan Calvert


April 4, 2017


A word about Estate Services-


I am a person who tends to keep “things” and even get a little attached to them. I inherited this trait, not surprisingly, from my father, so going through his things, the old family things, to clear the house after his death was difficult. I’m sure this is the case, at least to some extent, for most people. So many associations and memories, what do you keep, what do you reject, it is daunting. And after that struggle is over, there remains another. Of the things you decided to not keep, there remains the genuine junk (a lot), and those many items which are perfectly good and usable, but that you personally have no use for. What is the “right” thing to do with the working microwave, the book collection, and the multiple sets of tools (when you already have your own)?


The right thing to do is to call Richard. Sorting and identifying the sentimental stuff is stressful enough, it was a pleasure to be able to turn over the physical removal and relocation of the remaining things to him. Remember that some of those remaining items you were tempted to keep, but decided you shouldn’t. It is emotionally easier to walk out en masse rather than to have sell, donate, or landfill your memories one item at a time. Richard gave me the sense that he at least sympathized with these issues, and would do his best not to just trash everything. I found him to be straightforward, pleasant and honest. Despite many days of sorting, my sister and I managed to miss some important photo albums. Richard found and collected those during his clean out and even offered to ship them to us. He started the cleanup while there was significant snow on the ground. He gave me a reasonable completion date, and got done in about half that time, with snow still on the ground. If you find yourself in need of this kind of service, I would recommend without hesitation working with Richard.



Jay Scheldorf Jr.


February 20, 2017

The Clark family would highly recommend Richard Old's estate services.  Dr. Old came to the house on a Friday and proceeded with the liquidation of the remaining items from out parents home the next day. The job was completed by the following Wednesday.

He removed all of the items in a timely manner, and we were impressed with how the house looked when the job was done.  His professional and courteous manner was appreciated.
The Clarks
Pullman, Washington


October 8, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

This is an overdue “shout out” and personal thank you to Richard R. Old, Ph. D., Proprietor of Estate Services. We were panicked as our house sold and our vacate date was bumped up not leaving us time to advertise for a moving sale. He not only personally traveled out to our rural house on a Sunday to assess our situation but then also sent out an email to notify his large list of contacts of our last minute moving sale the next few days. As a result, we were able to sell everything and complete the move in the very short amount of time remaining. He did this out of genuine kindness, not asking for anything in exchange.

We highly recommend his services to any seeking closure with estate or household liquidations.

We are deeply indebted to him and cannot thank him enough!


Jenifer & Larry Bailey


August 9, 2016

Dear Richard,

I am so grateful for your part in my mother's move!  Because of your kindness and your service, we were able to pack up what we wanted and go.  You took a great deal of stress off of us, since we were packing, meeting with the lawyer about her finances, meeting with the realtor, doing paperwork for her new home, and making sure that she got to her physical therapy appointments.

As we worked together, I discovered your huge heart and your observance of beauty.  You noticed the old trees surrounding the house; you peaked at my paintings in the garage; you logged onto my Facebook page to see more of my artwork.  You and I bonded over Latin.  Thank you for taking a genuine interest in us as human beings!  When I mentioned to you that I would like to give one of my mother's pictures to her neighbor, you gave it to the neighbor yourself, rather than selling it.  This gesture, most of all, demonstrated to me that your heart is in your work.

I hope that even though "People get in the way", you realize fully how important your work is.  You are so much more than "the trash guy"!  You are taking care of people's treasures in the kindest, most thoughtful way possible.

Best of luck.


Heather Lashbrook


May, 21, 2016

Mr. Old,
I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the service that you provided when you cleaned out our parent's home in Palouse. The job you did was thorough and completed in a timely manner.  You were also very considerate and returned some items that you felt we may have missed. The compassion and kindness that you showed was greatly appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone faced with cleaning out an estate after losing those dear to them.
Tom Parrish
Pullman, WA


May 15, 2016

As posted to FaceBook with some of the replies.

Fran Kirschner Petrella

One of the most difficult times in our lives, whether you are an only child or one of a number of siblings, is when a parent dies...having to deal with the "stuff" of their lives, tying up loose ends, deciding what to keep and what to let go of (be it to storage, Goodwill, the trash, or elsewhere). Recognizing that our parents actually had a life separate from ours, discovering things that are remembered and cherished from our childhood ("OMG, did they really keep that all these years?!" or "What were they thinking?" or "I wonder what they were doing/where were they when they picked this up?" or "That couch must be 40 years old.") can be a sad and poignant experience.

We Kirschner "kids" have had to deal with the closing of both our parents' chapters in life; our mom, in 2009, and now our dad, just a week and a half ago. There was one constant in these two events...Richard Old (Estate Services). I want to publicly thank this former classmate of mine, on behalf of my brothers and sister, for helping make those two experiences as painless as possible. "Keep everything you want and we'll take care of the rest" is his mantra. And it's true. He will find a home for those hundreds of books Dad had collected over the years, that we have no interest in, or the clothing, bedding, and shoes we didn't know what to do with, or those tchotchkes or artwork that aren't "our style" and have no sentimental value to us. He is the expert. He conducts his business and interactions with respect and compassion.

If you find yourselves needing to close a chapter in the Pullman-Moscow area, I strongly recommend you call Richard early in the process (509-332-2989). He helped us immensely and we greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Richard.

Fred K Lange Yep - our experience as well from last Fall. An invaluable resource at a difficult time.

Ross McIvor Richard was great after my 3 brothers and I were going through our house after our Dad died. One of those services that allowed us to focus on the personal time together and not have to spend time on how to deal with everything in the house we did not want.

Lois Acuff Richard was a god-send for our family. He is quick, organized, and professional. I too, urge anybody trying to settle an estate in Pullman to call him.

Kristi Smith When I had to bring my mother back to Nebraska about 15 years ago, I had to clean out her house, sent a lot back in a U-haul with my husband, I too am an only child and I was lost, also had to put the house on the market and our realtor told me about Richard. What a God Send, he brought me from tears and distraught to knowing he would absolutely take care of everything. I am forever grateful to him.

 Judy Soule Hear, hear! Richard was priceless in helping my parents move from Side St to Bishop Place, and then my mom's move to Portland in 2011.


May 2016
Dear Richard,
I am so glad that I was given your business card!  You did a wonderful job cleaning out my parents house.  It was really great to see you again and we could talk forever about things around Pullman.  Thanks again for a job WELL DONE!
Betty Eggers


April 21, 2016


 I am delighted to write this letter recommending the work of Richard Old and his estate management organization We Buy and Sell Stuff. I first encountered Richard through mutual contacts when I was the rector of St. James’ Episcopal Church, and he was assisting the family of one of my parishioners who had died, leaving behind a household that the family needed to organize and empty in preparation for sale. Richard talked to me at length about his process, and his comforting advice on preparing for what would eventually be my own move helped me to plan my last year at St. James.

 Once I had made the determination to retire, and had a date set for retirement and departure from my residence, Richard again advised me on how to structure my move. Once my belongings were removed, and my family members had a chance to collect the things they wanted, Richard went to work. For a completely reasonable fee, he set to work emptying the items that I left behind, removing them by selling, recycling and disposing of them efficiently and respectfully, and arranging for a cleaning crew to restore the house and carport for the use of the church.

 He was able to accomplish all of this within a week of my handing over the key! Since by then I was on the road, he submitted to me photographs of each of the rooms, so that I could have evidence of the work he completed.

 Not only did Richard and his team do the work they agreed to do, and do it well, they provided me with serenity for that aspect of my move. He helped me well in advance of the work to imagine how I would accomplish the move-out, and made the last days of my occupancy of the house bearable and even light-hearted.

 So thank you, Richard! Thank you to you and your team for the service you provide. Thank you for your professionalism, competence, and your compassion.


The Rev. Mary Beth Rivetti


Phone: 509-432-1807


March, 2016

Dear Richard Old
Thank you for your help and guidance in removing furnishings and other items from my mother's assited living apartment at Bishop Place in Pullman. You came on very short notice to complete the dispersal process before the end of the month. Thanks to your assistance, I was able to complete the process on time. You were very gracious to help, even though this was not an estate sale.
Susan B. Roberts
Moscow, Idaho


January 7, 2016

Dear Richard,

On behalf of my family and me, we would like to thank you for helping us with the family’s property estate closure.  We are very pleased with how you handled this situation with the work you did in removing the unwanted items, and clearing the house so we could get it ready for sale.

You were true to your word and very efficient in handling our contractual agreement.  In the future we will be very happy to recommend Estate Services to any of our family, friends and to serve as a reference.

Thank you,

Don Shrope and Family


December 1, 2015

TO:  Richard R. Old, Ph.D.
        Estate Services

RE: Letter of Reference

My brothers and I were responsible for the care and cleanup of our parent’s home in Moscow, ID. The job of gathering up and moving the family keepsakes was daunting enough, but cleaning out the remainder of the items seemed an insurmountable task.  A friend recommended that I contact Richard at Estate Services to assist in this chore to move unwanted items and get the house ready for sale. Richard and I met and went through the house to determine what needed to be done and what the associated cost would be.  I found Richard to be very helpful in how to handle items I was unsure of and was very forthright in his assessment of the house and the work that needed to be done.  The price for the service and the time in which the job was completed were both excellent, with completion almost two weeks ahead of the deadline.  The house looks great with every aspect of the job done to my complete satisfaction.

The one regret that I have is that we did not hire Estate Services before starting the project of cleaning out the house ourselves.  Richard made the job so simple that if we had hired him in the beginning we would have had the house ready to market much sooner.

I highly recommend Estate services to anyone that needs to dispose of a complete household with the minimum of cost and work.


Jerry Robinson


Letter of Appreciation
November 28, 2015

Richard, on behalf of my brother and I, I would like to express our gratitude for your estate services during our recent “hour of need”.  We knew this day would come at some point but when our father passed suddenly, your ready assistance was invaluable.  As both Bob and I live outside the local area, the assistance, resources and direction you provided allowed us to focus and move forward with all the other tasks that come with this event.

We appreciated your extra efforts to minimize the waste involved in cleaning out dad’s house and finding the best homes for everything;  from fresh food and canned goods to clothing for those in need.  Your responsiveness, follow through and thorough cleanout of the house allowed us to market and close on it in minimum time.  We would certainly recommend your services to anyone in our situation, our experience could not have been more positive.

Thank you

Fred and Bob Lange


Elizabeth Siler
Pullman, WA 99163

November 8, 2015

RE:  Estate Valuation Services Performed by Dr. Richard Old, of Estate Services 

 I am pleased to offer my very highest recommendation of Dr. Richard Old of Estate Services.    I received a referral to Dr. Old from the lawyer handling my father’s estate because we needed to get the “contents of [my father’s] home” evaluated for tax/estate settlement purposes. 

 Overall excellent work!  Dr. Old arrived promptly, was extremely thorough in his review of the contents of a 6-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 2-kitchen home, and went through a variety of items ranging from the mundane, to the potentially valuable:   china, furs, a few pieces of vintage furniture and silver flatware.   

 In the course of his extensive and meticulous review of the contents of the home, he explained what he was doing, made clear the potential marketplace issues involved with certain items (ex:  the fur), and discussed with me various estate-related issues I had not previously considered.  I particularly enjoyed the references he provided to relevant literature on certain items.

I learned a great deal from his review of the contents of the home and was also greatly pleased with his referral to a woman in the community who later proved very helpful in assessing certain pieces of Asian art/household goods.  

Dr. Old’s professionalism is evident in his thorough write up of the assessment, which he was kind enough to address directly to me and my lawyer.    I would definitely recommend Dr. Old’s services to anyone looking for a thorough, careful, professional evaluation by somebody who is very knowledgeable about assessing the value of a wide variety of items.   Should you wish to discuss this reference, please do not hesitate to contact me at 509-432-9694.


Elizabeth A. Siler


September, 2015

Hi Richard,
We just wanted to thank you, again, for being so helpful during a somewhat challenging transition time.
Your experience, understanding, and accommodation have been greatly appreciated.
Also, thank you for dealing with things in such a timely manner.
Having help from an experienced Estate Liquidation Specialist like you made all the difference.
Best Wishes,
Mark and Marsha


August, 2015

Losing a loved one is hard, and one of the most painful activities can be going through years of belongings, trying to decide what to keep and what to discard. Guilt seems to come with every visit to the trash can.  Richard Old was a tremendous help in cleaning out the home I shared with my husband. My foster daughter and I were able to focus on selecting those items that would bring us joy and good memories, and leave the rest to him. He saved me literally a week or more of sorting, and more than that, days of needless pain. He even kept an eye out for items I knew I wanted, but couldn't easily find myself.  He delivered more than what was promised, in less time than expected.  I highly recommend him, both for his service and his compassionate approach to his clients.

Deb F, Laurel Maryland  (formerly of Moscow, Idaho)


July, 2015

To whom it may concern;

I recently had the pleasure of having Richard clean up my home in Pullman.  He did exactly what he said he was going to do. Finished on time and not only made me happy, my realtor was also very happy with the job he did. I was very happy with the price quoted and he did not exceed the budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Estate Services to anyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Lee Fleischman



September, 2014


Thank you for making the job of moving my mom out of her condo so easy for us.  You told us what to take and what to leave and promised to have things completed by a certain date.  You had everything out and your cleaning crew completed everything 5 days before the date promised! Since we live 2+ hours from Pullman it made our job seem so simple.  We had a trusted friend check on the cleaning process and he told us he was very impressed with the outcome.  Thank you also for noticing items that we inadvertently left behind and shipping them to us.  That was very thoughtful of you.

Everything arrived on the day you told us they would. We highly recommend your services to others in making a move so easy. Thank you for all you did.


Elizabeth and Cheryl

Odessa, WA


August, 2014


Dear Richard Old,

I want to let you know what a lifesaver you have been for me.  When it became necessary for me to sell my parent’s home that they had lived in for the past 39 years, I did not have a clue of what I was going to do with all the things in their home.  This whole process was further complicated by the fact that I no longer lived in the area.  I went online to see what help I would find, and whom did I find but you and your Estate Sales business.  After contacting you, I knew that you were the answer to my prayers.

You stressed that my only responsibility was to remove everything from the home that I wanted to keep.  I took all the photographs and other things that were part of my memories and finally met with you in person.  You assured me that everything would be taken care of and that the house, garage, and everything would be clean by the 26th of August.  Imagine my surprise when you informed me that the house was done a week early on August 19th and had been checked by our realtor.  She said that you had done a great job and that the house was clean and ready to show.  Not only did you do a super job on the house, but you did me the kindness of sending me things that I had forgotten when I left and other things that I had missed as I went through drawers, closets, and all the things that my parents had collected over time.

I would also like to say that I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you and share memories of growing up in Pullman.  I remember the small town feel and all the things we did back then.  Burgerville was the high spot and the “in place” at the time. 

Thank you again for making my life less stressful and doing a terrific job getting my parent’s home ready to sell.


Jo Ann Oren

Puyallup, WA


February 2014

I want to thank you for your help with emptying out our house and getting it ready for sale. I'm sure you realize that this can be a stressful and time consuming process, and it made life much simpler having someone help us that knows exactly what to do, what has value, what doesn't, and how best to liquidate it all. I also appreciate the way you contacted us when there was any doubt about whether something in the house should be kept or removed. You provided a hugely valuable service, and we always felt like we could trust you implicitly.

By the way, I was surprised to discover that you kept the walk shoveled in front of the house, and not just the entry way that you needed, but the entire walkway, while you were working on it during the snow storm. That was definitely beyond the call of duty, and something I wouldn't have expected. That kind of typifies our whole experience with you.

Steve and Ana Dodgen


February, 2014

Mr. Mick Nazerali
Coldwell Banker
405 S. Grand Avenue
Pullman, WA 99163

Dear Mick,
Our family has been extremely pleased with the work done by Richard Old of Estate Services.  We recommend him enthusiastically to anyone needing an estate sale or household liquidation.

Richard went through the house we are selling in Pullman, carefully checking its contents with us and clearly explaining his operation.  Although it was a complex job, he emptied the house and yard completely, exactly as requested.  He took various items to appropriate places:  recycling (over 1,200 lbs of it!), papers for shredding, garbage, gave away useful items to the needy; and found good homes for the houseplants.

His contract allowed us to make certain requests, looking for and returning several items we had been unable to find (including some cash) or had accidentally left behind.  He went above and beyond what we had asked for, taking specific items to intended recipients, such as relevant documents to our church.  The house was cleaned and clear photos sent promptly to us.  With all of this, Estate Services finished ahead of schedule.

We found Richard particularly easy to work with.  His communication with us was excellent, as it also seemed to be with you as our real estate agent.  He was straightforward, knowledgeable, and approachable.  We appreciate his aim of getting things to those who could use them and keeping as much as possible out of the landfill.  Richard met this goal as well as completely satisfying our needs as clients.  He is a model to follow.

Very Truly Yours,
Carolyn G. Koehler
Kristin J.K. Ferguson


November 2013

We were challenged to liquidate a family member's property but we were distant to the property.  We met with Richard and it was determined that a traditional estate sale would not work as there were no high ticket items to draw bidders and, due to the season, late fall, yard type sales would not bring much, if any, profit.  Instead we chose to have him simply remove the 'stuff', clean the place, and make it move in ready for a potential buyer of the property.

A bid was developed and accepted, a schedule was created and accepted, and the activity was done to that schedule, actually in advance of the finish date.  Richard also volunteered to do a few things outside of our contact which were greatly appreciated.

Being distant, we have no first hand knowledge of how well the place was left after his crew was finished.  We allowed our realtor to make that judgment for us.  They reported that it was well done.  There were a few minor issues that they felt should be addressed and the crew immediately came back and corrected those items.

I would recommend these folks to others needing the service.

Rocky Sinclair
Desert Hills, AZ


October 2013


It is people like you, that people like me, need to connect with and truly value when these times come upon us... I am so grateful for your help and it is rare these days to find someone willing to take the time to refer another company. Word of mouth is definitely mighty!

Thanks again,

Darla Dean


October 29, 2013

To whom it may concern:

We recently sold our house, moved from Pullman to Florida, and made a considerable downsize in furniture and “stuff”.  Richard Old and his Estate Services company were primarily responsible for the sale of this and his services were invaluable.  Moving and downsizing is not pleasant, but I found that he gave me excellent advise, was very friendly and helpful, was totally honest and worked with me with efficiency.

I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

 Clive Gay

Professor Emeritus


September 2013


Thank you very much for all the work you put in on cleaning out dad's house!  Having you do this for us when we all live so far away was the only way to go. Eric took pics of the main areas, and everything looks great!  Your job is done and I am very happy with the work!  You did a great job and in an amazingly short period of time! Don't know how you did it, frankly....

I am glad you were able and willing to help, and I am  glad I used your service. You do know what you are doing.

Thanks again, Richard.

Lois Acuff


August 2013

Dear Richard Old,

I wanted to thank you for the careful work you did in the estate sale of mom's house and things.  The house was left with quite a work load for you to sort through. It was an overwhelming project for me to try and look through all of her things and decide what to keep and what to get rid of and how.  After talking with you, you truly simplified the process.  You told me to go room by room.  Start at one end and work my through it.  Take away everything I wanted to keep and leave everything else as is. Once, I realized I did not have to worry about the things I was leaving, it made the process doable and at times pleasant as I could focus on the treasures I wanted to keep.

Your offer was more than reasonable and from what I understand you held the estate sale with dignity and respect for my mom. I know you took the time to recycle what needed to be recycled and that was important to us.

I also want to thank you in particular for a few things where you went over and beyond what I expected.  Apparently, I had left some pictures behind and you took the time to save them for me.  In addition, long after the house had been cleared, I realized that I had left a modem in there that needed to be returned to our cable company.  With some time and detective work, you were able to find it and return it for me.  I really appreciated that effort.

Thank you so much!


Tanya Bunson


September 2013

Dear Richard: 

We were very satisfied with the service you performed for us at the Steptoe property.  You certainly provided all the things you said you would.  The house, garage and outbuilding are clean and empty.  This would have been a monumental task for us to complete.  We also appreciate the things you found that we thought were lost such as, the home made game board.  Thank you for your service.


Dave Harvey


As posted to FaceBook: September 2013

I just recently returned from Moscow where I was finishing up cleaning out my dad's storage areas after his death in Nov. When I was just about finished and after sending things to donation, recycling and the dump, I decided it was time to take the "good stuff" to an antique's dealer or estate agent. I was told Richard Old works in this area and recognizing the name, I called him. He told me that, like many people, I had gone about the process of managing "stuff" backwards. I promised him I would pass on his suggestions which I wish I had known about before I started this process back in April and finally finished this week. I had made several trips from Portland and spent about 300 hours on it which I could have reduced immensely by calling him first. His recommendation: First, open a box, closet, room (or whatever) and pick out what you would like to keep. Place your treasure in your car. Continue this process until you have gone through everything in the house and the family has picked out what they would like to keep. Drive away with your remembrances and treasures. Leave everything else as it is. Don't bother cleaning, making those trips to Goodwill or the dump. Call a reputable and experienced estate dealer (Richard has been doing this 30+ years) and let them take care of the rest. With their knowledge the remaining items can be separated properly into the give-aways and throw-aways, or sold for the proper prices. Richard told me it is his policy to leave the house empty and ready for the next resident, with even the toilets cleaned. He surprisingly told me that he finds the most interest in the clothes, books and "junk" rather than what people think is the "good stuff". Give him a chance if you have to go through this difficult and often emotional process. Wish I had known about him earlier!

It was fun talking with you Richard!! 

Cec Zander


April 2013

Having lived next door to our elderly friends (both now in their 90's) for twenty years, they became more than neighbors, and much more than friends -- They became family! When it was deemed time to move near their daughter in Spokane, they were overwhelmed by the idea of all that needed to take place. Not only had they built and lived in their home for over fifty years, but they had kept virtually everything that they had ever owned or used or collected in their large unfinished basement. Their Depression-era thinking was that they could retrieve whatever they "might need or could be useful or meaningful or of interest" one day. As those days became years and then decades ... Well, we all get the picture.

Enter Rich Old!

When Mr. Old initially met with the family, he was as much a counselor as he was an estate sale professional. He was honest, insightful, respectful, kind and clear. He encouraged the elders to take their time in making their decisions, and actually delayed drawing up a contact until they had a little more time to consider what items they wanted to take with them. Being a most intuitive gentleman, he was quickly able to discern the needs and wishes of both generations of the family, and bring clarity to the tasks at hand. When he did draw up a contract for them, they were most surprised by his extremely reasonable rate.

Once Rich commenced his work, he moved through with a clearly experienced plan and strategy. Sifting and sorting and hauling and moving; he is a true environmentalist, recycling everything he possibly could. After he moved through that first phase, he then began the online auction phase, and lined everything up with clockwork precision, from the listings to the bidding to arranging for the sold items to be picked up. Once all that was done, he began the clean-up phase, both inside and out. The transformation, in such a brief amount of time, was nothing short of amazing. And ... All the while, as he would find "buried treasures" that the family had long ago forgotten, he would set them aside for their remembrance and safekeeping. His attention to detail and his thoughtful professionalism is exceptional. What a gift he is to so many!

Anyone thinking of a move - whether for yourself or loved ones - ought to consider the very practiced expert that we have in our midst here on the Palouse. Rich Old is truly a regional treasure.

Kim Forester and Marc Evans



We greatly appreciated the clean up you performed on my Mom’s house.  She was almost a hoarder and you did an admirable job on getting rid of the clutter.  Hope that you made out OK on the sale.  I know that there weren’t many things of any great value, because she was also very frugal....Thanks for your services.  I will recommend you to others. 

Jerre Heikkola


Richard was able to, on short notice, get great exposure out for my mother's large moving sale. He provided invaluable advice on how to manage the sale of some of the more difficult items (e.g. baby grand piano, large pallet of used brick) and on what to expect from the whole experience. We were not only able to make a fair profit from the sale, but more importantly, were able to get rid of a whole lot of useful-but-no-longer-needed stuff so that it didn't have to be moved.

Jeremy Scott, Seattle


January 2013


We called Richard Old for advice on how to clean out my 97 year old mother-in-law's house in which she had lived for 56 years. Her moving plans were abrupt, our emotions were high, and we needed help. Even though his business would stand nothing to gain because my mother-in-law's house was in California, Richard walked us through the various options in estate services. His information calmed us down because we knew whom to contact and what to expect out of a transaction. We are forever grateful for his calm demeanor and professional advice.


Char Fluster, Pullman


December 10, 2012
Dear Mr. Old:
This is a very delayed note to thank you for everything you did to make my move to Bishop Place as comfortable as possible.  Without your very kind assistance I would have never been able to manage the disposal and distribution of the many many items I did not wish to keep, and then the clean up of everything after I was out of my home.  It is truly an incredible service you give to the people of our region. One of my neighbors was in the house after you left and she said it was very very clean. She was so impressed and I am so grateful. 

Words really can not express how wonderful it was to know that the house was ready for the new owners.  I am thinking that maybe that is why it took me so long to write you this letter, I just don't have enough words to express how much your service meant to me. I am sure that all of your clients have felt the same way.

So, a simple thank you for your patience and professional work.


Carolyn Olsen
, Pullman
September 20, 2012

Dear Richard:
Thank you for handling my father, John Elder's estate. I was very pleased with our initial discussion over the phone, our walk-through of my father's home, and the way you handled the sale/removal of my father's furniture and household items.  You were professional, courteous, and thorough. After you finished the estate sale, I was relieved to see Dad's
home empty and neat.

Thank you again for all your time and effort on our behalf.

Denise Huber
And the family of John Elder


July 7, 2012

Dear Richard,

I want to thank you for your recent services. Estate Services delivered precisely as we arranged and was very thorough; I was impressed. Your availability by phone and email was also very helpful. The provided contract was simple and clear. The house was completely emptied in the promised time frame which, in my opinion, was aggressive. Even the outside spaces were cleared including forgotten areas like under stair storage. Personal items (photographs and documents) that I might have missed were collected, boxed and returned. The house was left clean and secure.

Estate services took a difficult time and made it more bearable. I can heartily recommend Estate Services.

Franz Hajnal

PO Box 905

Kirkland, WA 98083


June 2012

Dear Mr Old,


I’m writing to you on behalf of Marta Wojcicki who has asked me to tell you that she is truly grateful for everything you have done to help her with the sale of her flat. She says that you were really professional and extremely helpful in her difficult situation and that she is going to recommend you to all the people she knows in Pullman.  


Kind regards,

Beata Vetter


Beata Vetter, PhD


ul. Kraszewskiego 40


May 27, 2012

To whom it may concern
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Richard Old. I hired Dr. Old last month to clean out my parents’ house, as it was difficult for me because I live out of the state. I met with Dr. Old and we established a time frame and budget. The next day, he was busy sorting otherwise useless raw materials for re-use. Items of value were also returned to me that he thought might be valuable to our family.  Richard completed the work on time and within budget. When he was finished with the job, he emailed pictures of the house. It looked very clean and I was quite impressed with the results.
I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Richard Old and would most certainly call on him again if needed. I really appreciated his honesty and environmental consciousness. Please feel free to contact me regarding this recommendation.

Elliott Mosher
Loma Linda. California


April 18th, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the pleasure of working with Richard,after calling him late one night and on short notice, to help get my parents home ready to sell. He promptly met me at the house and after looking through the house, outlined what he could do for me. Had I known that his service provides complete removal of any and all objects left in a house, I could have saved myself countless hours of driving across the state, countless hours of doing dump runs and a huge amount of gas. As he explained he prefers to have a person take what they want and leave everything else for his company to sell for you. This is a wonderful solution in dealing with clearing a home to make ready for sale.
He was also able to facilitate the immaculate cleaning of the house and garages. My Realtor was totally impressed with the spotless, gleaming result of Richards cleaning crew.
This has been an all around positive experience that I would encourage anyone to use, to make downsizing or the sale of a home painless.
He provided solutions in a caring, compassionate manner and I would use his service again without reservation!

Karin Bishop
Maple Valley, WA



October 11, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

My father passed away last year, and this year my mother decided to move from Pullman to the D.C. area in order to be closer to me (her only child) and to her sisters. She was moving from a large five-bedroom house to a small two-bedroom apartment, and had thirty-eight years’ worth of belongings she needed to sort through and get rid of. My mother is sixty-five and has a severe case of fibromyalgia that makes it difficult for her to walk and impossible for her to lift heavy things, and I wasn’t available to go to Pullman to help her, so we had no idea how we were going to pull this off.

Several of my mother’s friends highly recommended Richard Old, so I looked at his website and, impressed, encouraged my mother to hire him. She was initially reluctant to trust a stranger, worried that she wouldn’t get a fair price for her belongings, but I urged her to give him a try because we really didn’t have any other choice. I was a little anxious about how things would turn out, because my mother has very high standards and is suspicious of business people in general, but I hoped for the best.

Here is what my mother had to say after working with Richard Old:
“Thank God for Mr. Old. I don’t know what I would have done without him. He made me feel very comfortable, and he acted with compassion and generosity in everything he did. He did all the work so that I could just sit in a chair and tell him which belongings I wanted to leave and which ones I wanted to take. He made all the arrangements for things to be sold or taken to charity. If I didn’t feel well and had to cancel an appointment, he was very understanding. I have never seen a professional person being so kind.”

Throughout the process, Richard kept me informed about how my mother’s move was progressing, and reassured me that things were going smoothly. It was clear to me that he was a total pro who cared deeply about and took pride in his work. He struck me as the type of person who would excel at anything he did, and I felt that my mother and I were both extremely lucky that he had chosen this line of work.

Thanks to Richard Old, my mother’s move went without a hitch. We will always be grateful for what he did for us.


Young Jean Lee

Brooklyn, NY


October 5, 2011

Dear Mr. Old,

Thank you so much for the kind assistance you have given to my friend Inn-Soo Lee.  She says she could not have managed without your help.

Marsha Olsen

Pullman, WA

September 2011


Thank you so much for all your work at my mom's place.  It was so nice to stop making decisions! Having the place empty was just perfect, we did a little painting and are ready for the Realtor to come this week.Thanks again for coming all the way to Lewiston to take on this job.

Karen Saladin and family,
Moscow Idaho

June 2011


I was just leaving the house when I received your email on my iPhone. I have the key that you left and the house is locked.
Thank you for the work that you did for us. The house looks great and we appreciate both your timeliness and thoroughness in taking care of our father's personal property.

Keith McIvor

Moscow, Idaho
May 2011

Hi Richard,

Marian has informed that the house is clean and that you did a great job. We really appreciated the fact that you were right on top of this on the Saturday that we left Pullman. The last thing I expected when I was in Butte, MT later that day was a phone call from you outlining our agreement.  I would most certainly recommend you to anybody needing your services. Please feel free to use me as a reference.
Thanks again.


James F. Vedder
Vice President and Senior Trust Officer
Trust and Investment Services
April 2011

Rhonda Jo Styer

Senior Housing Manager
Fairview Village Estates
Moscow, Idaho

Dear Rhonda Jo:

I want to thank you for recommending Richard Old to us for estate services. His help was invaluable during our move.  Not only did he arrange the sale of some items of furniture, he also took care of disposing of unwanted furniture and household items, completely clearing out the house and cleaning.  Working with him was a pleasure and I would heartily recommend his services.

Carolyn McDaniel
Dear Richard Old,
Several years ago, when my husband and I began to talk on and off about the inevitability of a move from our big old house on Moscow Mountain, I thought about all the rooms, closets, cupboards, shelves, and storage spaces crammed with items accumulated in thirty-odd years...and shuddered, dismissing the possibility of a move as an IMPOSSIBILITY!

However, when my husband became terminally ill and we sold the house, there was obviously no choice.

I am so grateful to my Realtor, Karen Lewis, for giving us a flier describing your invaluable Estate Services. When the responsibility for the house fell on me following my husband's death, I called on you for help, and you accomplished what seems a veritable miracle to me--completely emptying and cleaning the old house--with graciousness and highly professional competence.

I will heartily recommend your services (and Karen) to anyone planning a move.

Thank you so much!


Donna V.
Moscow, Idaho


I want to thank you for your services.  While we did not have enough left in our parent's house for an estate sale, you still offered to take what was left, sell what you could, donate some to charity, and make multiple trips to the dump. You left us with a very clean, empty house that was ready to put on the market for sale.  You also did this on a very short time table.

This service was so very valuable to us, and again we thank you so very much.

Toni Brantner
Pullman, WA

Dear Mr. Old:
I am writing to let you know that you made the process of selling my house much easier than I had hoped. It was a very difficult decision to make, as we had built the house from the ground up by ourselves, and a lot of my husband and I were there.

I am very happy with the work you did and the concern you showed to me during this stressful time. I felt you went above and beyond the call of duty. Please use my name if needed for a reference, and accept my thanks for a job well done.

Mildred Repp
Colfax, WA
Richard Old is a lifesaver. I faced a horrendous job of months of work cleaning out my parent's house that had been accumulating stuff for 42 years. All the rooms were literally thigh deep (and stacked shoulder high in some places) with papers, magazines, treasures, and otherwise just plain junk, all coated with at least a half inch of dust. I live over 300 miles away and work full time, so my situation was impossible until Richard Old was recommended by a family friend. Richard and his crew sorted, sold or donated what they could, recycled everything possible, and disposed of the rest. In the interim there were problems with broken water pipes, issues with electrical wiring, and various other problems on which Richard consulted with me and ultimately took care of for me. It was an incredibly difficult job, but Richard executed it with aplomb and good humor. To top it off, Richard is just one of the nicest people I have worked with in a long time. I cannot say enough to applaud and recommend Richard Old and the services he performs.

Dennis L. Dossett, Seattle, WA

This past year, we were needing to prepare my mother's house in Pullman, Washington for the Real Estate market. Before we could market the house, we needed to deal with the rather large, 30+ years accumulation of personal and household items. 

After a couple of sorting trips with my brother and sister to remove the items we wanted to keep, we met with Richard Old to discuss just how to deal wit the rest of the "stuff". Richard made us an offer for the remaining "contents" and gave us a time frame for holding an in house Estate Sale and leaving the house empty and clean after the sale.  We also asked Richard to keep his eyes open for a few items we had not found in the house, which he readily agreed to do.

The sale was completed within the time Richard indicated and the house was left even cleaner than expected. Richard found a few missing items we wanted to keep and gave them to us while also providing some temporary storage for items we wanted to keep but could not readily move before the sale.

All in all, it was a high quality job done in a timely manner. I strongly recommend Richard Old's Estate Services to any all who need such assistance. 

Terry Shaw

Prineville, Oregon 97754

Craig Corbeil
Bruning Funeral Home
PO Box 739
Colfax, WA 99111



Hi Craig,

I wanted to take a moment to enthusiastically recommend Richard Old and his Estate Services company to you for use by your clients. I used Richard to help with my Dad's estate recently. As you know, I do not live in Colfax, so vacating Dad's apartment, disposing of his things, cleaning of the apartment, etc. were all going to be very difficult to do. Richard arrived on a very cold and rainy Sunday night to evaluate the task (I was flying home Monday morning, so his ability to meet me then was critical). In less than an hour, we signed a contract for completely removing all of Dad's possessions from the apartment, completely cleaning the apartment, and re-hanging Dad's curtains. He committed to doing this within 5 days, which would save us a month's additional rent if accomplished.

At that point, I handed him the keys to the apartment, he wrote me a check for the value of the goods in excess of the costs to haul and clean, and we parted ways. I could only hope that he would perform as promised as I flew home the following day.

Well, all of the goods were removed within one day, and the apartment totally cleaned within three days, several days ahead of our schedule. In addition, Richard had offered to facilitate the selling of Dad's car, so once again, in an act of faith, I had signed over the title to him and trusted. I received a call from him at the end of the week indicating that he had sold the car as planned, and received a check from him a day later via express mail!

Needless to say, I can't recommend Richard highly enough. If ever a person was in position to be taken advantage of, it was me. Instead, Richard delivered an amazingly valuable service and proved himself to be very honest and trustworthy in the process. In addition, he went the extra mile to help me sell Dad's car at no gain to himself.

You will do your clients a big service by making them aware of Richard and his service!

Don Maston



When my mother passed away several years ago, and again when my bachelor brother passed away. we were confronted with disposing of 70 to 80 years of accumulation of furniture and other belongings. We called on Richard Old for assistance.

We were well pleased with his knowledge of values of antiques and many other items that we had no clue as to their worth. With Richard's help and contacts we were able to dispose of everything in a very short period of time.

Margaret Vogt
Pullman, WA 99163


To Whom It May Concern:

I was tasked with preparing my elderly mother's home in Moscow, ID for sale. Through my Realtor in Moscow, Jeanne Jones of Moscow Realty, I found Richard Old and his company Estate Services.

After contacting Rich Old and talking with him, I knew he was the right man for the job. Rich did a fantastic job of clearing out my mother's junk and other items of value left in the house.

I was very appreciative when Rich called me with a question about a cardboard mailing tube with the label Family Tree. My mother had overlooked this in her preparation for her relocation to assisted living. Rich could have easily thrown this irreplaceable document out, but instead called me to inquire if it was really meant to be junked. I was floored by this attention to detail and so grateful to Rich. He even paid to have it sent to me!

As a Realtor myself, I can only say that the service that Rich Old provides is absolutely the best. I am disappointed that I cannot get him to come to the Seattle area!

Rich, THANK YOU for a job well done and taking such a load (pun intended) off my shoulders.

Sincerely, Scott Watkins
ZIP Realty
(360) 631 5259


Dear Rich:

On behalf of myself and my brother and sister, we want to sincerely thank you for your help in setting up our Estate Sale recently. If you had not assisted us I am sure that we would have still been in a dilemma as to how to begin.

A service such as yours is so needed. The expertise you provided in pricing each item was invaluable. I only wish that I had learned of your service earlier before we unknowingly discarded many items of potential value. Having to dispose of your mother's personal property is such an emotional experience, but having your support and knowledge made it much easier.

Thank you again for all your help and understanding. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Gail P. Bailey

Operations Manager
Washington Mutual Savings Bank
Pullman, WA 99163



When my mother was unable to continue living in her home of 50 years in Moscow, Idaho, it became my responsibility to dispose of much that had accumulated during that time.

Richard Old came to my rescue in my most difficult task... that of disposing of my dad's collection of carpenter and mechanic tools, plus a large assortment of lumber. Mr. Old purchased everything, completely clearing the garage and shop, as well as thoroughly cleaning those areas. Mr. Old impressed me with his knowledge in furniture, glassware, and a wide variety of collectibles and tools. His services were invaluable to me at a difficult and busy time.

I do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Old to anyone who may need the services of an appraiser or must dispose of a wide variety of possessions.

Clarice Glasscock
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Bruce Ensley
Attorney at Law
N. 302 Mill
Colfax, WA 99111


Dear Bruce:

I am writing on behalf of my family to express our gratitude in being able to utilize Richard Old's Estate Services. We found Richard to be very competent and sensitive in the handling of our sale,

It was a task that we simply could not have done as well as Richard was able to do it. After meeting with Richard we felt that he was the right person for the job. The sale went smoothly and the house was cleaned up after the sale.

Thank you for your recommendation of Richard. He helped to relieve a potentially stressful and anxiety-filled situation.

Pat Morton

Seattle, WA 98108


To Whom It May Concern:

I have been in the real estate business in Whitman County for 12 years. I have encouraged many of my residential sellers to contact Richard Old of Estate Services to help with the accumulation of personal belongings over the years in their residences. He not only will pay you for the items no longer needed, but does a great job of cleaning the property.

I have found Richard to be honest, fair and trustworthy with my sellers. It is a much-needed service and I would be more than happy to talk to anyone about Richard Old and Estate Services.

Mike Kincaid
Kincaid Real Estate
401 S. Main
Colfax, WA 99111


Dr. Sam Smith
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-1049

Dear President Smith:

The past month of going through the personal effects of Gertrude Gannon-Bryan, has not been without some bright moments.

I would like you to know that Richard Old was especially respectful of our desire to carry out her wishes that Washington State University be given certain papers and memorabilia of interest which had belonged to her father, the first president of your fine institution. Mr. Old's knowledge and interest was contagious. He is to be commended for his loyalty, efficiency and compassion.

We look forward to continuing the family tradition of WSU involvement.

Donna-Marie Hayes
Boise, Idaho 83706


Dear Richard,

Please accept my apologies for taking so long to thank you for cleaning out my house and getting it ready for the new owners. They have let me know what good shape everything was in when they moved in. I don't think I could have done it without your help! Your services and the way you have them designed are exactly what people need to make moving easier for them.

Ruth Morrison
Van Buren, AR 75926


Estate Services
Professor Old
P O Box 272
Pullman, WA 99163

Dear Professor Old:

RE: Estate of Eleanor H. Felton - Deceased
707 East E St., Moscow, Idaho

Our File No. 4924 On Monday, March 25, 2002, I had occasion to be in Moscow to sign the closing papers on the sale of mom's home. To my great satisfaction the home had been thoroughly cleaned out and cleaned up. As you know I was somewhat reluctant to entrust and delegate such a task to anyone. I feared that the closing might be affected if you were unable to perform. All that worry for nothing!

Your work was far above what I had hoped for and you attention to detail is most appreciated. Please feel free to photocopy and deliver this letter to anyone who has concerns similar to mine. I will be happy to talk with anyone who has questions. Thanks again for a job very well done! Your reputation precedes you and yours is excellent!

Very Truly Yours,


Felton and Felton, Attorneys at Law
1020 Main Professional Center
Buhl, Idaho 83316



I recently employed Richard Old to help clean out my mother's house prior to turning it over to a new owner. I had a deadline for this and was pleased to find that he could accommodate this need on short order.

We were entirely satisfied with his work and approach to the whole problem. I felt his advice was sound and honest. His manner is such that I believe that he would be especially good dealing with bereaved families in similar circumstances. He is sensitive, soft-spoken and kind.

He was also able to notice a number of items that I would not have recognized as having special value. He was knowledgeable on the values of a wide variety of items and quick to acknowledge any limitations.

In short, based on my experience, I recommend him for similar work.

Lenna Harding
Pullman, WA 99163


Dear Rich:
Just a note to tell you how pleased we have been with your help during our recent move. From all indications it appears that you had a good garage sale as we have heard many positive comments from those who made purchases.

The buyers for the house have arrived and are very pleased with the cleanliness of the house; I am also impressed and know the new people will enjoy moving in.

You are offering a much needed service to the community, especially to the oldsters here, so keep up the good work.  Word of mouth is still the best possible publicity; we'll see that you get that.

Alice Martin

Charles and Alice Martin
1408 Fancy Free
Pullman, WA


To Potential customers of Richard Old's estate sales:

Last spring I found myself cleaning and sorting through items in our family home. Fortunately, Richard was recommended to me as good help with the job at hand.

"Good" was the wrong adjective. He was EXCELLENT, absolutely the man for the job. He has the know-how to approach what could be an overwhelming task. He is positive, cheerful, and swings into immediate action. His positive emotional support was just as important as the man power to clean out the house.

When the job was finished Richard had the house, basement and garage empty and very clean. It was ready for the market. Without hesitation, I heartily recommend Estate Services.

Lila Mieners Wiegardt
PO Box 305
Ocean Park, WA
As the personal representative of a deceased's estate, I recently contracted with Richard R. Old, Ph.D., proprietor of Estate Services to dispose of the items of personal property remaining in the decedent's home after the relatives had removed the items which they wanted. There were some items of furniture, knick-knacks, clothing, etc. An auctioneer that I had contacted previously had told me that the remaining items were not of enough value to justify him conducting an auction from which the estate would receive three quarters of the proceeds.

Dr. Old offered me what I felt was a far amount for the items remaining in the house, keeping in mind the potential time and cost to the estate for disposing of the items and cleaning up the house.

On checking the house upon his completion, I found it to be unbelievably clean. I do without reservation recommend Estate Services to any Personal Representative of an estate or their attorney, who may face a similar problem.

Very truly yours,
Wynne M. Blake
Attorney at Law