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June 7, 2021


Richard’s sealed bids are an easy and convenient way to participate in his sales. His instructions are clear, and picking up won items is simple. Thanks for a fun way to do business!

Ryan Ready


I love auctions, even closed bid ones.  I recently was the high bidder on an item of furniture.  The process was seamless, with the notification and information coming just as promised.  I’m enjoying my item of furniture and the price was right!  Thanks.

Larry Brown


Estate Services is an excellent resource, I have bid and won many items, always quality,  is very willing to make the customer happy, good prices would recommend them to any of my friends.

Keith Russell


We had a super great experience!

The instructions were easy to follow and everyone was so helpful and friendly! Can’t wait to do this again!

Sandra and Mark


I was the winning bidder on lot 32 in the sale for Feb. 4th.

I have watched Estate Services Bids for a while and will

continue to. I have found Richard at Estate Services to be friendly,

honest and advising on a number of occasions. I have not always been the

winning bidder. We coordinated our timing for the pick up and he even

helped me get loaded up.   Great Experience

Don Cox


The sale process was very simple and smooth.  When I arrived I was quickly able to load everything up into my car, and boxes were even provided, which I did not anticipate.  All in all, it was a very good experience.  The only thing I wish is that there was a way to know the amount of the winning bids for lots I did not win, so I have an idea of how off my estimate of value was 🙂


Moscow, ID


Each time I receive a notice for an estate auction, I enjoy perusing the items carefully, and if an interesting item is presented, I do some thinking about how badly I need it, and where I would put it if I won the bid.  Then, submitting my offer, I wait patiently until the time has expired, hoping that I won at least one of the bids I submitted.  When you live out in the country, this kind of shopping is lots of fun and a way to shop without driving all over.  And, in these times of high-priced fuel, this is a great service.  The photos are well taken with the dimensions included.  Keep it up, Richard Old!  I enjoy this!
Lee B.
Viola, ID


I put a sealed bid in on an antique oak desk in early December.  Based upon the picture and description on the web site, this was just what I wanted for my wife’s Christmas present.  The bidding process was easy and I was notified immediately after the deadline that I had won the bid.  I arranged a pick up time and Richard was right there to help me load the desk.  It is a wonderful piece of furniture. With a little rejuvenation effort I was able to surprise my wife with a beautiful antique mission style oak desk at a reasonable price!
Scott D.
Moscow, ID


Hey Rich, Happy New Year! We won that old wood cupboard and couldn’t be happier. Your pics and description were great, very professional service and help with lifting, really appreciate it! Thanks again,
Rob & Cheryl R.
Johnson, WA


I have known Richard for over 30 years and have never meet or dealt with anyone more fair and honest.  To this day, I buy from Richard from time to time and find his estate sale and sealed bid items just as described, or better, and offered with transparent disclosure and warnings whenever appropriate.  I highly recommend Richard’s services and sale items.
Mike M.
Palouse, WA


We are so pleased with the stuff that we bought at the estate sale that you organized! We were able to buy important furniture such as tables, chairs, carpets, gym equipment, dishes, jackets, and more in wonderful condition, directly in the sale house, at a very low price. Thank you for your amazing work and the blessings you bring to our families.
Maria R.
Colfax, WA


I was so happy to be a winning bidder last year with Estate Services.  It was fun and exciting to receive the results that I had won!  I look forward to bidding again on the next auction in town.  Thank you again for conducting these events in such a fun and easy way to shop.
Carole M.
Moscow, ID


During 2012 I had the opportunity to take part in Online Bidding with Richard Old’s Auctions.  I WON!!!  What a thrilling experience.  Richard had a “Lot” of Kitchen Appliances and I submitted what became the winning bid.  Lucky for me, Richard’s instructions were totally understandable and even a Senior Citizen, like me, could follow the rules!  Richard suggested we place a bid with an uneven amount (e.g. $9.41).  I was so excited to receive his “you won” proclamation that I can’t even remember what I paid!  I was able to use many new appliances; give some to the needy; and even to sell a couple at a Yard Sale!  Thank you, Richard, for a wonderfully fun experience!  I’m now looking forward to more bidding experiences in 2013!
Peggy D.
Grangeville, ID


I won an armoire through a bid in 2012. It was wonderfully easy to submit my bid online and review the items for purchase.  I was very pleased with the item I won, as it was exactly as described.  I plan to use it for many years.
Vickie N.
Lewiston, ID


I did make an offer on a swivel chair that was offered and I think I got a great bargain. It is quite a nice piece that we have in our front room.  I would certainly look for more of these bargains.
Geoff C.
Moscow, ID


Thanks to Richard I have been able to buy a few things that I needed at a much better price & in excellent condition.  My most recent purchase was an entertainment center to sit my television on.  The one I had made it impossible to use the VCR because the cable box was on top of it.  You had to have both connected, so this was very inconvenient.  The item I wanted needed to also have storage for photo albums and movies.  All those that I found that I could afford had to be put together once it was in the house and all were extremely heavy.  I was able to pick up exactly what I wanted at Richards Auction, for a fraction of the price the newer ones were asking and it was already assembled.  His crew is amazing and always ready to help.  I will continue to scope out any and all things I may need and always check his auctions for good bargains.  Keep up the good work.
Bylinda L.
Lewiston, ID


I/we were very satisfied with our purchase of the dog kennel and dog-house. The picture was very accurate and allowed me to take the “leap of faith” in bidding higher than I may have without the good photo. We unloaded it today at home and were reassured that I made a good bid.

It takes 3 parties to make this work successfully. One to advertise accurately; one to bid generously; and one to have merchandise that is attractive to be sold, clean and in good repair. Ours was a win-win-win situation.

Thanks for your efforts. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.
L.B., Viola, ID


I live in the Spokane Area and would never get a chance at the treasures Rich Old finds if not for the sealed bid sales he sends by email. I love browsing at my leisure, the photos are very good and can be greatly enlarged allowing a really good look at what is available. I have several pieces in my home that I have won for well below what I would have paid in a shop! The deals are amazing!
Keep them coming Rich, your sales are a high light to my email account!!


We were the lucky bidders on the two matching swivel recliners offered during a sealed bid sale in March. As described in the initial email listing, the chairs were in great shape. At the conclusion of the sale, we were quickly informed of our win or loss and of the suggested times available for appointment for item pick-up.

When we arrived to pay for and load the chairs, you were (thankfully) able to help us wend our way through the house, down the stairs, and to our truck. We learned the “trick” to carrying recliners through narrow spaces without incurring structural damage to body or home.

Altogether, a no-problem, successful, pleasant endeavor – as have your on-site sales always been.

Looking forward to the next one,


I like going to Richard Old’s Estate Sales and bidding on item’s at webuyandsellstuff.com for several reasons:
1. He is very reasonable
2. There are a variety of item’s to choose from
3. Most importantly….he is very honest. (If he say’s it works….it works!!)


The Estate Services sealed-bid auction was so easy and fun! I reviewed online photos of the auction items from the privacy of my own home, and made sealed-bids on items by email. Nothing could be simpler. I even won something! (and got a great deal!). I recommend this service highly. It was so easy, and Rich was so helpful—he even helped me pack up all 112 pieces of my beautiful new china!
~Rachel C.
Moscow, Idaho


I have been very satisfied with the items and quality of goods offered by Estate Services. I’ve purchased for approximately 2 years and cannot complain about the price or quality of what I have received. I am a satisfied customer.
Sharon D, Princeton


Everything went well with my purchase from last year and this year , the things I have bought has worked out for me just fine and hope to purchase more in the future , again I say thank you Richard.
Cory D.


Hi Richard
Just a note to let you know we love your sales! We have been very happy with EVERY sale you’ve had. We spoke with the owner of the last sale and he is really happy with the price you got for everything and as a buyer I am very satisfied with our purchase. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE SELLER! Hope to hear from you again soon!
Earl and Sally Plank


The purchase on your bid sale went well and I have no issues with your program. I’ll be back.


“The sealed bit process is an interesting alternative to the usual estate sale or auction format. It allows bidders to place a bid and pick up their purchase at their convenience, which is sometimes helpful for those with busy schedules. It can also be advantageous to the sellers, who are sometimes in a time crunch themselves, and may wish to have a more private sale. Mr. Old conducts the sealed bid sale in a professional manner. He displays the items as clearly as possible through electronic media, and will also answer questions about the items if something is not clear.”
–Kathryn Meier


Hello Rich,
Thank you for the opportunity to view and bid on some very interesting, quality items. I have been a successful bidder in two of your ’email sales’ and have been VERY happy with my successes. The photos you provide with magnification makes it easy to discern details and quality of the items you are offer, and the measurements in your descriptions allow me to imagine how the item would fit in my home before I bid.
I hope there will be many more such sales in the future, I love opening your emails and browsing through your offerings from the comfort of my home.
Kathy Sciamanda
Cheney WA.


Thanks for the sealed bid sale. We bid on the large lot. My wife is having a field day going through things. We packed up and picked up things on Wednesday, today is Friday and I have not even opened the trailer yet. We thought we were getting a good deal, but when you lowered the price if we would “Make it go away today”, the deal was even better. We had several miles to travel and by making it in one trip, it was well worth it. If I keep buying from you, I am going to have to buy 8 ply tires for both the car and trailer. LOL
Thanks Again,
Tom & Jan Martin


After participating in 2 of Richard’s sealed bid sales and 2 of his on-site sales, i can truly say that I look forward to his e-mails announcing sales or the opportunity to bid more than I look forward to going to yard sales or regular auctions (and I love to go to yard sales and auctions!).

While I was initially somewhat skeptical about bidding on items without having the opportunity to see them and touch them in person, I am finding Richard’s sealed bid sales to be a much more relaxing and exciting process than going to the more traditional auctions. I just love the idea of looking at pictures in a leisurely manner and determining whether an item is something I would like to have and then being able to take my time in deciding what the article is really worth to me (no more over-paying because of getting caught up in a bidding frenzy at an auction).

I have gotten some very exquisite items at prices far lower than i would have been able to get them at a regular auction. Richard’s sealed bid sales are fast becoming my favorite way to acquire new and interesting articles and they have given me an opportunity to get quality items that i would not otherwise be able to afford.
Troy, Idaho

Thank you for including me in your recent sealed bid sale. I was the lucky bidder on the recliner I wanted for my new house. It was exactly as pictured and I am very pleased with my purchase. Pick up arrangements were easy and I appreciate your help with the loading. I look forward to more opportunities to shop sales like this. I would give my experience a perfect 10 in convenience, value and service.
Pat, Pullman


I think it’s a great system! Some amazing deals! We love everything we purchased! For me, the system avoids the hassle of getting up early, dealing with the crowds, etc. If we really want something, I am given the opportunity to offer a fair price that I feel comfortable with and everyone is happy. I also like the ability to change bids right up to the closing hour.
Feel free to use this as a testimonial! Thanks, Richard. It was also good to see you again.
Meredyth, Moscow, Idaho


Here is my testimonial. I am more than happy, I am delighted with the purchase.

“The sight-unseen” method of bidding might seem a little daunting but nothing ventured, nothing gained. The pictures of the lot were first rate and I had a good idea of what was included. That, coupled with the description was enough for me to make an offer. Richard was thorough and there were many more items and of much better quality than I expected. I would recommend giving this method a try. You find out quickly, have plenty of time to arrange pickup and everything is handled very professionally.
—A Watkins, Deary Idaho


I bid on two items in your recent “sealed bid” estate auction. I won
the small safe and am quite pleased with it and the price I paid.

Hope that you can get some more of these going, it is fun. Go to the
auction while sitting in front of your computer, that is neat.
Jay, Moscow Idaho


I’m glad to write a testimonial. I am exceptionally pleased with my new freezer. It is very nice, clean and works perfectly. I like this new way of going to an auction. I normally feel very disappointed at auctions, things I need go for way more money than I have. It is wonderful to have an opportunity to actually buy something I can afford. I feel special as there are not a lot of pawn dealers in the mix. I appreciate that. I hope you don’t change your method of doing business.
Sharon, Potlatch, Idaho


Rather than it operating as an “auction”, this process is more as if I have the option of “making an offer” of what I am reasonably willing and able to pay and, if I am the person with the highest offer, then the item is mine at that price. It worked well for us in this situation. It saved me the time of sitting around at an auction and risking being outbid. I was able to view the available items online which was a great convenience. The pictures were adequate for us to formulate an offer but there was still that bit of nervousness when picking up the item. However, now that we have successfully completed one great transaction, we will be more than willing to put forth offers on other items in the future. As long as both the seller and the buyer are upright, this is a very workable arrangement.

I felt you were very reliable in, both, communication and timeliness which we sincerely appreciated due to our usual time constraints. I only wish we would have had more time to look over the remaining items and make offers but, hopefully, next time we will. The table and chairs are excellent in quality and fit beautifully into our home.

Thank you very much.
Darek and Sheba, Moscow, ID

Thank you so much for the incredible opportunity to bid on such an exceptional bedroom set. I was not too sure what to expect with the “Make-an-offer” sale, but I am so grateful I participated! The bedroom set is absolutely beautiful and far exceeded my expectation. Additionally, when my husband and I arrived to pick up up the “lot” I won, my husband questioned why I didn’t bid on some of the other lots. This undoubtedly surprised me because I occasionally get grief for always seeking out good deals. I am sold on the “Make-an-offer” bidding process, and I will definitely be watching your future listings!

Thank you for your professionalism and assistance through the purchasing process!
With Gratitude,
Talia, Pullman Washington


Richard has found a fun way to sell estate items when a traditional estate sale is not possible. Sometimes, due to the location, Richard cannot have one of his usual estate sales. His solution has been to let people bid on the items they are interested in based on his pictures and descriptions.

Recently, Richard had one of these sales. I bid on two items that I wanted for my home. I was very pleased to learn that I had won one of the items. It was a very nice lighted, mirrored, corner display cabinet with glass shelves. I knew from the dimensions given in the description that it would fit perfectly in one corner of my dining room. I could also see from the picture that it would go well with the other wood pieces in the room.

When I went to pick up the display cabinet it was just as nice as I expected it to be. There were also other miscellaneous items left in the house. I was then able to look through these smaller items and purchase some of those. When I got the cabinet home it fit perfectly and looks as great as I thought it would.

I’m glad that Richard has found a way to sell estate items even when a regular estate sale is not possible. I always enjoy Richard’s sales and look forward to them no matter which type of sale he is having.

Thanks Richard.
Ronne, W. Moscow, Idaho


Hello Richard,
We took a chance and bid on your last Sealed Bid sale, whereby we bid on items for sale by photos only. We were somewhat surprised at what all our “bid lot” contained, and a bit overwhelmed when confronted with the task of taking it all. However, you did a great job of explaining everything to us prior to us accepting the job, so we plunged ahead.

When we saw the other things you had offered, we wished we would have bid on more of the items available. Some terrific deals for beautiful goods were largely ignored. And the work and time involved with our lot was well worth it in the end. We acquired some great stuff, and were able to sell the rest for a good profit.

Most of all, we appreciate what a pleasure it was to work with you. You couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. We look forward to another of those sales. It was really like a treasure hunt…exciting to find unexpected treasures, and profitable as well.

Thanks for the experience,
Ed and Mary Ann


Introduced to yet another type of purchase power, the sealed bidding for Richard Old Estates turned out to be almost as good as winning the Powerball for me.

We had friends arriving from out of state to visit, Realtors showing our property when it came…. the email about another RICHARD OLD estate sale Sealed Bid Auction.

I wasn’t going to bid because of the turmoil with our schedule, but thought what the heck. By doing so , I won the most beautiful antique bedroom set by throwing out a bid with my left over mad money .

I was shocked when I got the email and call telling me I won, I only wondered how the heck I was going to fit all I had to do in such short time. We went to pick up the set and when I walked into the door to view the real thing, my legs buckled. WHAT A BEAUTY… way better than I would of ever imagined. Top quality, perfect condition, clean and Richard even had the history of the set to share with me.

Thank you Richard, you know I will be back again to bid, and I won’t be afraid to bid your Sealed Bid auctions.
DH-Kamiah, Idaho


I am very pleased with my purchase. The equipment that I received far exceeds my expectations! I did not know that it was such a high value equipment. I offered on that lot because I really wanted it. However, I could not afford to buy a new one. Thank you for the organization of the bid sale. I think you should continue inviting more and more people to buy your products since you are so kind and have excellent organizational skills, the products are wonderful, and we have the opportunity to bid from the comfort of our house.
M.R., Colfax.

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