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Our History and Philosophy

Estate Services truck Richard Old, a fifth generation eastern Washington resident, founded Estate Services in 1985 to provide the full range of services needed for estate sales and the liquidation of household goods. This idea was born after Richard observed numerous friends and relatives struggle with what to do with their personal effects when downsizing to a smaller residence. He also saw relatives struggle with loved one’s personal belongings after their passing.

All too often he saw people put days – sometimes even months into the sorting process, agonizing over decisions about what to do with personal belongings that were no longer needed (rather than having an estate sale). In many cases he found people spent 90% of their time dealing with the items that they did not want, rather than focusing on the items that they wanted to keep. If you follow his approach you will spend 100% of your time dealing with the things you do want to keep!

In moving and liquidating estates, the first step many people take is to order a dumpster and start throwing things away. That's a big mistake! Unless you are intimately familiar with the values of everything that can be found in an estate sale, you could be throwing away items that are worth money!

Estate Services makes sure that any items that can be sold, recycled, reused, or donated do not enter the waste stream.

Richard’s philosophy is simple: “Keep EVERYTHING you want, leave EVERYTHING you don't want (open the door to the closet or cupboard; take out only what you want and then close the door)! Leave the rest to Estate Services!” Richard will deal with EVERYTHING that remains and will empty and clean the residence, leaving it ready for the next occupant. This process may or may not include holding an estate sale on site, but the house is left empty and cleaned.

If you are not interested in this complete estate sale service, Estate Services is happy to just purchase your items of value. You will find our prices competitive with anyone in the area, and your return is guaranteed
(unlike the speculative returns from an auction).

Estate Services provides high quality personal property liquidation and estate sale services to local realtors, attorneys, and homeowners. We have been an insured and licensed Washington business since 1985. Please review some of our letters of reference by clicking on the References tab above.

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