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Estate Services Flyer

Estate Services

Estate Services Flyer

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Moving is a lot of work!!

A Realtor can help you sell your home, but who can help you with all the "stuff" that just seems to accumulate when you live someplace for awhile?
Estate Services Can!! Even better, we pay you!!

 A Traditional Move:

A Move Using Estate Services*:

1. First you take several loads to the dump (costing you time, energy, mileage and dump fees).

2. Then you make several trips to the charity or thrift store (costing you time, energy, and mileage).

3. Next you have a yard sale (spending a week or more sorting and pricing, writing and paying for ads, then sacrificing an entire Saturday dealing with bargain hunters and "early birds" at 6:00 a.m).

4. Now you try to figure out what to do with all the stuff that didn't sell (you're back to step 1 or 2).

5. Finally you pack up and move the items you want to keep.

6. AND you still have to clean, or pay someone to clean the house, so it's ready for the next owner.

1. You pack up and move the items you want to keep. One Step- It's That Easy! Estate Services will deal with EVERYTHING you leave behind.

Estate sale in Moscow Idaho 


Even if you leave it like this...

Well leave it like this...

Moscow Idaho estate sale garage full

Moscow Idaho estate sale garage empty

 Moscow Idaho estate sale basement full

Moscow Idaho estate sale basement empty

* It is always preferable to hold a sale on-site, in a classic "estate sale" format.  However, there are a number of factors (time, location, etc.) that can make such a sale impractical. In such cases we are usually able to come up with a mutually satisfactory solution.

Estate Services

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